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RCYK overband magnet

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The RCYK overband magnet is similar like the most of other overband magnet.But it has the Armored belt,can provent the damage form sharp objects.

This RCYK overband magnet/permanent Magnetic Separator is specially designed for removing the iron impurities from all kinds of  Specialized practical for steel slag iron separation, direct reduction iron works iron separation, slag iron,separationbraised workshop, 

casting workshop selected iron iron selected various metallurgical slag. Armoured belt with special design, can effectively prevent the 

damage of sharp ferromagnetic debris piled belt, economic operation. Magnetic field design and unique structure design, can effectively reduce the large iron reactor belt impact, prolong the service life.




cement,thermal power plant, metallurgy ,mining,chemical ,paper making and coal industry .etc

Especially be used for eliminating the iron impurities from some specia applications,such as steel slag.


The RCYK overband magnet like the RCYDII overband magnet,its motor mounted upper for the application of narrow horizontal space but surplus upper space.The main function area is under the magnet block,and the magnet is covered by the automatic running discharge belt.When the tramp iron go though the function area,it will be captured by the magnet,and brought out by the running belt to the garbage area.

Note:we also provide the overband magnets customized service such as the size and the magnetic intensity.



?1. Permanent magnet and pakage structure reduce the noisy and breakdown,

?2. Neodymium magnet provide excllent performance,

?3. Low costs of maintanence and operation,

?4. Special sturcture for easy installation and disassemble.


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