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The SUSPENDED MAGNET(RCYB) , also named suspension magnet/suspension magnetic separator. which is one of the best separation equipment for conveyor belt applications. Placed in a welded framework, the magnet harbors a powerful permanent magnet capable of removing tramp iron from huge volumes.The most important thing is that it is a simple and cheap apparatus for protection of plants for crushing and grinding.

The RCYB suspended magnet is capable of retaining magnetic property even at high temperature and functions with full potential. Its capability of high remanence and coercivity prove them to be good sources of magnetism. The rare earth permanent magnet works without break in full potential.




Sand&aggregate,quarry,wood waste,building,food industries,etc.


The RCYB permanent suspended magnet with manual cleaning is with low occurrence of ferromagnetic particles, which have to  be removed manually within specified time periods or simply when the magnet surface is full. It can be suspended over the belt conveyor transversally or longitudinally above used in plants  the conveyor belt discharge. More powerful suspended magnetic separators are required when arranged transversally, because the conveyed material remains unaffected and the material flow is not spread. The trapped ferromagnetic particles have to be removed manually. 

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The sizes of suspended magnetic separator can be modified according to technical specification and requirements of the customer. The suitable model of overband magnet for your application will be suggested by our technical experts after receiving all required data.




1.  No Consumption Of Energy 

Compared to the electromagnetic separator,it need no electrical power.The magnetic power produced by the permanent neodymium magnet.So the cost of electrical power is zero.

2.  Constant Magnetic Field

The neodymium magnet can produce the constant magnetic field,with the higher magnetic intensity compared the common ceramic magnet(lots of supplier choose them,as the price is cheaper),decide the better effect of the iron contamination eliminating.

3.  Maintenance Nothing

As the permanent magnet produce the magnetic power,It has the long life-time as 10 years,and the frame is made by the carbon steel,the bottom is made by the stainless steel,there is no other parts to maintenance.The product has been approved almost no maintenance for its application.

4.  Possibility To Work In Any Place

As the simple and robust struction,It can be used in harsh condition without fault,no need to maintenance.Ie,the high temperature condition,the lower temperature condition,the high humidity condition,water-free condition,etc.


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we have lots of accumulation of the industral experiences in iron removal adopting the RCYB suspended magnet.we will give some suggestions accroding your application,to offer the optimized configuration,it can save your money,and also get the thoughful service.





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