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The RCYA magnetic separator utilize the magnetism to cleaning the ferrous contamination of the raw materials.Its widely used in the industry for material handing.Especially in the cement,etc.




cement,pharmacy,plastic,fire resistant material,construction material.


The RCYA magnetic separator is made up of pipe and permanent magnet,the size of the pipe customized according the require of the site,and thereis a outlet for iron particles cleaning in the pipe side.


when the raw materials go through the RCYA magnetic separator,the iron contamination will be captured by the magent,and the non magnetic materials will continues to go forward to the finished goods storage.So the final materials have been improved the quality by the magnetic separation.




1. Manual Cleaning For Application;

2. Applicable To The Bad Conditions;Such as high temperature ,corrosion,and moisture.


3. Simple Structure For Easy Delivery And Installation.


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