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TLYL Slurry Type Automatic oil cooling electromagnetic separator

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Scope of application:
Applicable to ceramics, ore dressing, chemical, food and other industries to a variety of weakly magnetic iron impurity pulp material.

Product advantage:
1, automatic paste electromagnetic iron machine high magnetic field, magnetic field distribution uniformity, high gradient, in addition to the obvious effects of iron;
2, heat dissipation system USES oil bubble coil, hot oil by forcing water come loose hot, good circulation, can make the oil temperature rise of guarantee within 20 ℃, prolong the service life of the electromagnetic wire;
3, brake valve adopts the imported materials, the body is strong and durable, closed without residual slurry overflows;To take off the iron using vibration with high pressure water pump flush, rinse thoroughly clean, no residue;
4, mesh made of special materials refined but become, the electromagnetic coil, when the power is no residual magnetism, easy to take off the iron;

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