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Eccentric Eddy Current Separator

This equipment adopts eccentric magnetic rotor design, large Angle magnetic system, equipped with vibration feeder and baffle adjusting device, compact and reasonable integrated design of the whole machine, which makes the performance of the whole mach
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Product introduction:

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TLFXP Series eddy current separator adopts eccentric magnetic rotor design, large angel magnetic system, equipped with vibraion feeder and baffle adjusting device, compact and reasonable integrated design of the whole machine, which makes the performance of the whole machine more stable and the separation effect better.

Design principle:

eddy current separator principle1.png

Eddy current separator is the use of conductor in the high frequency alternating magnetic field can produce induced current principle to carry on the design, During the working period, the separation magnetic roller surface will produce high-frequence alternating magnetic field, and when the metal into the strong magnetic separation zone, the metal piece inside can induction to the eddy current, this eddy current magnetic field is in the opposite direction as the original, produce mutuaally exclusive reaction, the repulsive force function can put metal piece was thrown forward, the realization of the aim of separation.

Scope of application:

Car shredderincinerator bottom ashscrap recycling
Tire recyclingMRF/MSW
plastics recyclingConstruction&Demolition
wire choppers&processors

Product advantage:

eddy current separator rotor.jpg

1. Big magnetic rotor angel provide the more power, enlagre the separation area.[85 degree]

2. Eccentric magnetic rotor design provent the shell of rotor burned out when some leaked iron particles feed in the area.

3. Compact structure suitable for transport and installation, also can convenient for the maintenance. special processing to keep the machine beautiful and practicle.

4. Adopt intelligent touch control cabinet system, frequency conversion control, running more stable and reliable.

5. PLC programmable control, one key start, the operation is simple. 

6. Safty control system including detection and alarm devices, and real-time monitor the operation of every key part in.

7. Magnetic roller adopt effective magnetic system protection, prevent fall off when high speed magnetic system.[rotor speed 3000rpm]. 

8. Imported SKF Bearing to keep the stable running with out noise and long life.

Advanced technology: 

Reach to 4500 Guass magentic field on the belt surface of the magnetic rotor. [the belt surface instead of the magnet surface]

[22/36 magnetic polars]

The design of the scrap recycling:


Learning cases:

1. Incinerator bottom ash(IBA) in Guangzhou;  

2. Incinerator bottom ash(IBA) in Guangzhou;  

3. Scrap recycling in Jiangxi

4. Refrigerator material recycling in Hubei;

5. Wood chips recycling in Hebei;

6.  PET flakes recycling in Shangdong;

7. Refrigerator mateial recycling in Hunan;

8. Tire recycling in Jiangsu;

9. Living garbage/waste processling line in Guizhou;

Plant Site:

scrap steel recycling plant 2.jpg scrap steel recycling team.jpg

korea 2.jpg korea 3.jpg



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