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TLFXPII non-ferrous metal separator

Sortable Materials: 高灵敏传感器,搭配空气喷嘴
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Product Description:


TLFXPII non-ferrous metal separator is a combination of TLFX concentric non-ferrous metal separator and TLFXP eccentric non-ferrous metal sorting machine advantages, so that the equipment works well, the performance is more stable.

Scope of application:


Mainly used for industrial waste, garbage from the separation of copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, for more fine sorting occasions.

Can be widely used in waste disposal, waste car dismantling recycling, waste electrical recycling and other fields, as well as non-ferrous metal processing industry, such as materials processing industry.

product advantages:

◆ increase a drive roller, using concentric magnet roller, sorting effect with the eccentric eddy current comparable to the performance of more stable.

◆ For relatively light, relatively small surface area of the material, sorting effect is better than concentric.

◆ intelligent touch control cabinet system, frequency control, run more stable and reliable.

◆ PLC programmable control, a key to start, simple operation.

◆ bearings imported bearings, long life, good operation.

◆ magnetic roller with an effective magnetic system protection, to prevent high-speed operation when the magnetic system off.

◆ machine with a special process, precision build, equipment, running noise and vibration is minimal.

◆ machine installed a variety of detection and alarm devices, real-time monitoring of the operation of each key components.

Working site:


transport and delivery:


        Eddy current separator application cases list:

       1. Eddy currrent separator for incinerator slag recycling in Guangzhou;  


        2. Eddy current separator for scrap steel recycling in Ningbo;

        3. Eddy current separator for scrap steel recycling in Jiangxi

        4. Eddy current separator for refrigerator material recycling in Hubei;

        5. Eddy current separator for wood chips recycling in Hebei;

        6. Eddy current separator for PET flakes recycling in Shangdong;

        7. Eddy current separator for refrigerator mateial recycling in Hunan;

        8. Eddy current separator for tire recycling in Jiangsu;

        9. Eddy current separator for Living garbage/waste processling line in Guizhou;

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