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TLYL Lump-ore Dry Magnetic Separator

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TLYL Lump-ore Dry Magnetic Separator are widely used in iron plant for iron beneficiation.



1. After primary or intermediate crushing of the low grade iron ore, the waste materials such as rocks and sands are partially discharged to reduce to load of the follow-up processes (such as grinding, etc.), greatly improving the productivity and reducing energy consumption.

2. Separation of the iron ore before smelting can improve the grade of the incoming ore as well as the rate for the recollection of the steel scraps created in this process.

3. Purification of low grade iron ore. The raw ore not yet fully reduced after the calcination operation in the close-loop hematite circuit is chosen to be returned to the calcination process.

4. Iron removal and purification of materials of industries such as foundry, ceramics and coal, etc.


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