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     Drum screen mainly have motor, reduction drive, roller device, frame, cover gasket, in and out of the mouth.Raw materials into the cylinder, will be rotating cylinder with up and down,This behavior will have been repeatedly along the cylinder running, fine particles through the sieve pore and is discharged from the feed trough,While the coarse particles move forward until discharge from the bottom of cylinder screen.Drum screen for all kinds of raw material provides a simple, efficient and economic solution, for subsequent separation process optimization.This method helps to reduce operating process and reduce the cost of investment and to provide the quality of our products and colleagues to allow rapid and mass processing.After processing of raw materials can be directly into a variety of mineral processing equipment, such as centrifugal separator, spiral chute, jig, etc.

The scope of application:

    1,Used for gravel grading in the quarry

     2,used for sand separation in the quarry.

     3,Used to separate lump coal and pulverized coal coal industry and coal washing

     4,Used in the chemical industry, mineral processing industry size block classification and separation of          powder material.

The working principel:

     Roller device tilt installed on the rack. Motor by the reducer with roller device through shaft coupling, drive roller device around its axis of rotation. When the materials enter the cylinder device, due to tilt and turn the drum unit, make the material on the surface of the screen to flip and rolling, the qualified materials after roller end at the bottom of the discharging mouth eduction, unqualified material on the screen by the cylinder at the end of the discharging mouth eduction. Due to the flip, rolling material inside the drum, the card in the mesh material can be pop up, prevent the mesh plug. Sand screen drum, drum screen, and the principle of the drum screen is almost the same structure, is people's understanding of it and call it.  

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