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Metal Detector - GJT-1F Series

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GJT-1F Series Metal Detector|conveyor metal detector is developed for metal detection in magnetic materials belt conveying system (such as in ferric and non-ferric mines, ironworks, sintering plants, etc.) It is able to suppress “material effect” generated by magnetic ores that have the grade below 70%. When any harmful metal contained by the material passes through the sensor, the metal detector will give an alarm and control signal simultaneously. The sensor is a flat construction that is removable on end and can be mounted easily without cutting the rubber belt. This device also applies to detect metals in non-magnetic materials conveying system. 




Technical index and parameters:


Ambient Temperature:-20℃-40℃(Main Engine)

Supply Voltage: ~220V±10% 50Hz

Overall Power Consumption: ≤30W

Belt Speed: 0.8-3.5m/s

Controlled Output: relay contact output, with one pair normally open and one pair normally close

Contact Rating: 5A,220VAC/28VDC

Maximum distance between sensor and control box: <15m

NOTE: Size of sensor foundation conforms to standards for TD-75 rubber belt conveyor.


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